Sunriver Single Family Residential District Related Public Records Searches. Rural Service Center Residential District Widgi Creek Residential District, General: (541) 388-6575 Your map has been created.Download your map here. The Code Enforcement program is responsible for protecting the health and safety of county residents, visitors, and communities by ensuring compliance with county code. Rural Service Center Open Space View In: ArcGIS JavaScript ArcGIS Online map viewer Google Earth ArcMap ArcGIS Explorer View Footprint In: ArcGIS Online map viewer Service Description: Deschutes County, Oregon Land Feature Dataset Map Name: LandFD Legend All Layers and Tables Dynamic Legend Dynamic All Layers Layers: Comprehensive Plan (0) Public Lands (1) Taxlot (2) Zoning (3) Tumalo Industrial District Deschutes County Comprehensive Plan Map (Map). EVERY REASONABLE EFFORT HAS BEEN MADE TO ASSURE THE ACCURACY Deschutes River Woods. Deschutes County Zoning Map– Outlines the two areas, the Bend Airport and the City of La Pine, that comprise the Deschutes County Rural Enterprise Zone JEFFERSON COUNTY MAPS Jefferson County Enterprise Zone Map – This map reflects shows the Jefferson County Enterprise zone, the addition of the City of Culver, and modifications to the City of Madras boundaries. Sunriver Multiple Family Residential District TUR Accessibility Aviation support District OF THE MAPS AND ASSOCIATED DATA. TUR5 ARID Incorporated Cities, Towns & Census Designated Places in Deschutes County. Black Butte Ranch Surface Mining / Limited Use District Rural Industrial deschutes county explicitly disclaims any representations and warranties, including, without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. SUCN RSR-5SMSR2-1/2UAR10, Airport Development View map of Deschutes County Planning Department, and get driving directions from your location. Sunriver Flood Plain District Forest Use 1 SUCR SUC THE INFORMATION AND MAPS ACCESSED THROUGH THIS WEB SITE PROVIDE A VISUAL DISPLAY FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE. | Printed versions of the maps available on our Map Library page are available for purchase. TER Historic Preservation Ordinance Update; Nonprime Resource Land; Child Care Text Amendments; Marijuana Land Use and Measure 9-134; Transportation Planning; Zoning; Prominent Projects and Resources. What's Required Now for Southern Deschutes County? The Redmond City Council unanimously recommended 5,664 acres for designation as urban reserve to the Deschutes County Board of Commissioners on May 10, 2005. La Pine * Pronghorn CDP. Planning: (541) 388-6560. also requests approval of a corresponding Zoning Map Amendment (Zone Change) to change the same portion of the subject property from Exclusive Farm Use (EFU) to Multiple Use Agricultural (MUA-10). County Zoning; Legislative History; Historical Map Collection; Subdivisions; Planning & Land Use Maps; Base Zones: AD AOD ARID ASD EFUAL EFUHR EFULA EFULB EFUSC EFUTE EFUTRB FP FPR F1 F2 MUA10 OS&C RC RI RR10 RSC RSC-C/M RSC-M/C RSC-OS RSC-R RSR-5 SM SR2-1/2 UAR10. FOR ANY ERRORS, OMISSIONS, OR INACCURACIES IN THE INFORMATION PROVIDED REGARDLESS About Dial | The URA adoption process met state land use and transportation regulations. Aviation Related Industrial District SURS This item appears in the following Collection(s) Deschutes County, Oregon Planning Documents [105] Development codes (county) [43] Related items. Name: Zoning Display Field: ZONE Type: Feature Layer Geometry Type: esriGeometryPolygon Description: The intent or purpose of the zoning feature class is to promote the public health, safety and general welfare and to carry out the Deschutes County Comprehensive Plan, the provisions of ORS 215 and the Statewide Planning Goals adopted pursuant to ORS 197. TUREWCR, Black Butte Ranch Resort District Exclusive Farm Use - Sisters Cloverdale Subzone SUCL The Commission generally meets on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month at 5:30 pm in the Board Hearing Room located in the Administration Building, 1300 NW Wall Street, Bend. Property Details: Spend your mornings with the breathtaking views of Cascade Mountains and Smith Rocks with this 0.11 acre property on the centrally located neighborhood of Terrebonne, Oregon in Deschutes County! Help | Sunriver Resort Equestrian District Find the zoning of any property in La Pine with this La Pine Zoning Map and Zoning Code. Deschutes County : Upper Deschutes … Rural Service Center Register TER5TUC Find Contractor Licenses, Land Records, and Property Records related to Deschutes County Planning Department. When possible, please submit your building or onsite permit application electronically ( Click here for instructions on how to submit electronically ) or Email us for assistance with your application. SURG Tumalo Research and Development District Privacy View No Shooting Maps. The purpose of the committee was to begin to build consensus and partnerships on conservation and restoration of wetlands and water resources in the basin.     The official tax maps for Deschutes County are maintained by the Deschutes County Assessor’s Office Cartography Division. Planning and Land Use Maps. Map … If you would like to see whether you are in a No Shooting District use the link below to view the restricted area maps. RSC-C/M AND WARRANTIES, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY BBRUSMWCRSUA Build your home, rent it out for an airbnb or just keep it as a tangible asset you Terrebonne Commercial Rural District AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. This will be the second of two required public hearings. All rights reserved. Find the zoning of any property in Deschutes County with this Deschutes County Zoning Map and Zoning Code. Deschutes County Geographic Information Systems data is available for use with desktop mapping and CAD software. Find other city and county zoning maps here at ZoningPoint. | The County’s Transportation System Plan identifies roadway segments and intersections that will need to be improved by 2030 based on future traffic volumes and current land use zoning. This document contains no pages. Code enforcement specialists investigate code violation complaints associated with building, … Find the zoning of any property in Deschutes County. Multiple Use Agricultural 10-Acre Minimum Alternative Treatment Technologies (ATTs). Printed Maps. Exclusive Farm Use - Horse Ridge Subzone Tumalo Residential 5 Acre Minimum District Sunriver Community Recreation District DESCHUTES COUNTY MAKES NO WARRANTY, REPRESENTATION SUFP Sunriver Forest District Environmental Soils: (541) 388-6519 Exclusive Farm Use - Tumalo/Redmond/Bend Subzone A "combining zone," or sometimes referred to as an “overlay zone,” is a special zoning district, placed over an existing base zone(s), which identifies unique conditions and regulatory standards in addition to those in the underlying base zone. Sunriver Commercial District SUUTEC Forest Use 2 Terrebonne Residential District DESCHUTES COUNTY SHALL ASSUME NO LIABILITY Rural Commercial Sunriver business Park District Black Butte Ranch Utility / Limited Use District BBRSM | Airfield Operations District Rural Service Residential - 5 Acre Minimum The Resource Element was also adopted in 1979 and provides the background information on the goals and policies. Exclusive Farm Use - Alfalfa Subzone Deschutes Wetland Inventory Technical Advisory Team A technical advisory team was set up prior to beginning the project. TECR Building: (541) 388-6574 Deschutes 2040; Flood Plain Information; Historic Preservation; Legislative Land Use Amendments. Sunriver Resort Nature Center District If you need application or project assistance, have general inquiries, or would like to talk to someone in person, please call us at (541) 385-1409, or send an email to [email protected] Through the Tax Maps Application you can access PDF copies of the most current tax maps. Nitrates and Drinking Water: A Health Concern? Terrebonne Commercial District Flood Plain - Removed The Planning Commission guidelines and rules are located in Chapter 2.52 of the Deschutes County Code. A second public hearing was It contains extensive data about the people, places and natural resources in Deschutes County. Deschutes County Contractor License Search ; Deschutes County Land Records Search ; Deschutes County Property Records Search ; Building Departments … SURN 10/16/2014 7:32:21 AM: Path \PUBLIC-CommunityDevelopment\Mapping and GIS\Planning and Land Use Maps\Deschutes County Zoning Map: Template: Mapping: Fields : Map Type. Sunriver Resort District Seventh Mountain Widgi Creek Resort District Deschutes County Zoning April 28, 2014 City Limit Urban Growth Boundary Urban Unincorporated Community Urban Unincorporated Community Rural Service Center Resort Community Rural Community Rural Commercial Zoning Designation AD - Airport Development EFUAL - Alfalfa Subzone EFUHR - Horse Ridge Subzone EFULA - La Pine Subzone EFULB - Lower Bridge Subzone EFUSC - Sisters/Cloverdale … Terrebonne Residential 5 Acre Minimum District DESCHUTES COUNTY ASSUMES NO LIABILITY FOR ANY DECISIONS MADE OR ACTIONS Code Enforcement: (541) 385-1707 Deschutes County’s Comprehensive Plan policies, maps, TSP, and zoning codes. Log in. OF HOW CAUSED. Rural Service Center Mixed Use/Commercial Profiles for 22 cities, towns and other populated places in Deschutes County Oregon. Choose a county below to see the zoning maps and zoning codes for the municipalities in that county. © 2021 - Deschutes County. RSC-OS This section is responsible for reviewing land use applications for compliance with Deschutes County Code (DCC) and state law, including zoning, subdivision and development regulations, and facilitating public hearings with hearings officers and the BOCC. ANY OF THE DATA PROVIDED HEREIN. Exclusive Farm Use- La Pine Subzone Exclusive Farm Use - Lower Bridge Subzone Surface Mining RSC-M/C What's New. SURA Tumalo Residential district The project list of the TSP prioritizes projects as high (needed within 0-5 years,) medium (6-10 years), or low (11-20 years). Rural Residential - 10 Acre Minimum All Counties. SUF Urban Area Reserve - 10 Acre Minimum, BBRR SUBP DESCHUTES COUNTY EXPLICITLY DISCLAIMS ANY REPRESENTATIONS Click to see every zoning map and zoning code in Deschutes County. Eagle Crest CDP . Airport Development Airfield Operations District Aviation Related Industrial District Aviation support District … SUCG Disclaimer Incorporated Places have an asterisk (*). General: (541) 388-6575 Building: (541) 388-6574 Code Enforcement: (541) 385-1707 Environmental Soils: (541) 388-6519 Planning: (541) 388-6560 Sunriver Airport District Crooked River Ranch. | Sunriver Resort Golf Course District The Resource Element has been amended over time by the addition of separate documents, such as the Geothermal Element (January 1985) and … The Hearings Officer’s Decision recommending approval of the application is attached to this memo (Attachment 3). Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, Deschutes River Mitigation and Enhancement Committee, South Deschutes County Groundwater Protection Project, Existing Residences in High Groundwater Areas. Feedback We share GIS data with public agencies and private parties free of charge via the Deschutes County Data Portal.The site provides 24-hour access to more than 60 map layers and is updated on a weekly basis. A "base zone" is a county zone that specifies allowable uses for real property and land use requirements including minimum parcel size and development standards. TUI 11/1/2017 7:54:07 AM: Created. Metadata; Annotations; Entry Properties: Tags Published. Tax maps show lot lines, lot and block numbers, street names, lot dimensions, subdivision names, and other information. Open Space & Conservation Map; ZIP Codes; Features; Schools; Land; COVID-19 Data; Advertisement. County Maps [includes zoning, highway, Metsker, fire district], 1917-2002 (ca.25 maps); ... USGS Quad Maps [United States Geological Survey Quadrangle Maps-Deschutes County area], 1923-1968 (ca.100 maps); Water Resources [Maps], ca.1910-ca.1965 (ca.65 maps). OR GUARANTEE AS TO THE CONTENT, SEQUENCE, ACCURACY, TIMELINESS OR COMPLETENESS OF Sunriver Utility District We have many restricted shooting areas or no shooting districts throughout Deschutes County. Sunriver Community Limited District Deschutes County Zoning October 26, 2017 City Limit Zoning Designation AD - Airport Development EFUAL - Alfalfa Subzone EFUHR - Horse Ridge Subzone EFULA - La Pine Subzone EFULB - Lower Bridge Subzone EFUSC - Sisters/Cloverdale Subzone EFUTE - Terrebonne Subzone EFUTRB - Tumalo/Redmond/Bend Subzone F1 - Forest Use 1 F2 - Forest Use 2 FP - Flood Plain MUA10 - Multiple … Please submit a Map Request Form to this email and you will be contacted for confirmation and payment. TAKEN OR NOT TAKEN BY THE USER OF THIS INFORMATION OR DATA FURNISHED HEREUNDER. Rural Service Center Commercial/Mixed Use RSC-R Showing items related by title, author, creator and subject. SURE All rights reserved. SURM ASDEFUALEFUHREFULAEFULBEFUSCEFUTEEFUTRBFP FPRF1F2MUA10OS&CRCRIRR10RSC Flood Plain © 2021 Deschutes County. Exclusive Farm Use - Terrebonne Subzone Deschutes County Zoning Map ; No preview available. Sunriver Resort Marina District Modified. Sunriver Community Neighborhood District Bend * Black Butte Ranch. Sunriver Community General District Suburban Low-Density Residential deschutes county shall assume no liability for any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies in the information provided regardless of how caused. Find other city and county zoning maps here at ZoningPoint. Deschutes_County_Zoning_Map.pdf Size 1.080Mb Format PDF Download View / Open Deschutes_County_Zoning_Map.pdf (format: PDF) Description Zoning Map. SUR Prices are as follows: 11x17 or smaller: $1.50; Large Format Printing and Copying (larger than 11x17): $41; Digital Data. Tumalo Commercial District ADAOD

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