MFN’s Maryland Child Care Resource Network helps working parents find quality, regulated child care, provides training and technical assistance to child care providers to increase the quality of care and to expand the capacity of programs; and compiles current data on the supply, demand, and cost of child care for policy makers. The Maryland Child Care Training Calendar offers training and professional development for trainers and leaders in early childhood education. Watch this interactive orientation to learn how to apply for a family child care registration in Maryland. Registrants that have not received their username and password before the start of the course should check their spam/junk folders in their email accounts. All Maryland Child Care Training classes are offered online. An e-mail address can only be used once or each person must have their own email address; two or more registrants cannot have the same email address. This orientation is for child care centers and public prekindergarten programs. Training must be completed prior to the course end date. These sessions are approved by Maryland Child Care Administration and meet the minimum state requirements for increasing levels of professional development. Copies of certificates will not be held by MSDE and will not be available once a course session has ended. %���� We also offer CPR/AED/First certification classes. (See the course and registration schedule below.). We also provide child care training and capacity building support to over 30,000 participants annually who are licensed to provide care for over 200,000 children. Once the course has ended, registrants will no longer be able to access the course. Have questions? x��Z�oܸ�n���>���BRo X��8����θC��?d{qv��]�M��rf�rEy�(�X+��g~��?g>�����1�Ev�q�����$3����#� �Of�*���VtE�e�z�������Hd�xי����1�5����|�f+�s�w�!���L�����z|t�ׁ��RT�*��fsk���36Wv�5E�e�*T&�.��G79>�ξ,�� *AUBЦ�EK|�*F�e>/gwyR� _�E�4S��]��z���ِ��qOO������ ���*p:ڭ��Z���Ж�}�:�e��=��A���Uѷ���y;����*n�`Cj�dWT��I~J�Ōj��6D��c�!��O����%��1�Z���e`s��Ҟ��n�u�Υ�JԷ4K�+������C.�����]. If you plan to open your own Family Child Care Home in Maryland, you will have to meet certain training requirements. You cannot access the course before it opens or after it has ended. Do not register with an email address already used by someone else to complete a training with MSDE, a family member's email address, another employee’s email address or business email address, you will not be registered or it may have someone else's name on the account. They can be completed at your convenience in the comfort of your home. ;Dv� �4�/Sښ $�d��no�ٖ$�im�Lk� �!���EY�ƻ(�S��Gsq�Bd��F� MSDE approved trainers and training organizations. In the event of loss of a certificate, you will have to re-register for this course and complete the full course again. This does not replace the face-to-face orientation session you are required to … Visit our CDA Certification (Child Development Associate Credential), for information about this national credential. The Division of Early Childhood Development at the Maryland State Department of Education is responsible for early care and education in Maryland. Newsletter & Training Calendar (pdf) Register online today! Maryland Accreditation Orientation February 7, 2019. Date/Time Date(s) - Thursday, February 07, 2019 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm. Also, if your email addresses do not match we may not be able to reach you or cause login issues once the course begins. These courses are offered through ASHI. This course is designed for providers working with preschoolers ages 3-5; It will not be accepted by licensing for Infants and Toddlers teachers. endobj After completing the training, providers will receive a COVID-19 Safety Certificate of Completion. Medication Administration Training (MAT) for Child Care Providers - This is a pre-service training required for individuals seeking to acquire a Child Care Center License or a Family Child Care Registration in Maryland. 4 0 obj Please contact the Office of Child Care Regional Licensing Office to schedule the Orientation Training. January 6-12     January 13-19     January 20-26     January 27- February 2. For more on licensing in Maryland, see the following posts: Maryland Family Child Care Licensing: An Overview Types of Licenses The Licensing Process Eligibility Home Requirements. Division of Early Childhood, Child Care Quality Incentive Grant Program, Child Care Career and Professional Development Fund (CCCPDF), Informal Child Care Monitoring Inspections, Preschool Development Grants Birth through Five (PDG B-5), How to check your grade and course completion, How to save your certificate to a computer, How to complete the course on a mobile phone, How to change the name or email on your account,, Accredited Community Colleges and Universities, MSDE approved trainers and training organizations. %PDF-1.5 stream Approved training for the purpose of meeting licensing requirements and training and education for the Maryland Credentialing Program can be obtained from a variety of sources: The Statewide Training Clearinghouse Calendar is a resource available to the child care community to locate training advertised by approved trainers and training organizations in a variety of subjects. Maryland Accreditation Orientation Schedule Sign up for an orientation today! Training.Approved training for the purpose of meeting licensing requirements and training and education for the Maryland Credentialing Program can be obtained from a variety of sources: Accredited Community Colleges and Universities. We have started offering virtual training since we are not able to hold our in-person worshops. The main mission of the Division is to improve early education in Maryland so that young children are well prepared for school. This does not replace the face-to-face orientation session you are required to attend at your regional Office of Child Care.

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