Instead, a fully virtual recruitment process will take place. Although sororities traditionally have recruitment activities in the fall, there will be no recruitment events for fall term this year, according to Inter-Sorority Council recruitment … You might be nervous and worried about the changes. How to Navigate Virtual Recruitment Looks like virtual everything is a new way of life. The National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) sororities are social organizations and many women join looking to build connections and friendships with others. Sorority recruitment is going to be different at a lot of colleges this year. But first, some background. One Response to “A guide to virtual sorority recruitment” Susan on September 2nd, 2020 11:30 am Great read and excellent round-up of events. They're all free to access. When I first went through recruitment two years ago, I was as lost as Cady during her first day of school in the US. However, I encourage you to still go through sorority recruitment. The best part? Then she got some bad news: Greek recruitment would be mostly virtual this year. There’s still a great deal that the chapter "That was a bummer," the 18-year-old from Louisville, Ky., said in early August. A helpful guide to virtual recruitment for the PNMs of the UCF Panhellenic community. Virtual Fun: Admittedly, face-to-face fun is more fun than virtual … Virtual recruitment has basically been an interview of why we picked our sorority and what it means to us. Sorority Rush Tips Tent Talk Emergency Sorority Rush Workshop: Pro Tips for the New 2020 Virtual Sorority Recruitment Why You Need A Social Resume for Sorority Recruitment Sorority Recommendations: The Do’s and Don’ts Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Phi and Chi Omega are the three Inter-Sorority Council organizations that are conducting informal recruitment. Click below to learn more. How Fraternity and Sorority Software Can Help with Fraternity Recruitment Yes, tools like virtual retreats and digital recruitment workshops can be beneficial, but they can only do so much. Sorority and Fraternity Leaders During this time, more than ever, we are seeking ways to keep meaningful connection with each other. Recruitment Orientation will be hosted virtually to provide important information about the sorority experience. You Please check out the links below to learn more about fraternities and sororities at The Flagship. Not being invited back to a desired sorority never feels good. It’s clear that college life will be extremely different in 2020. The meetings usually last about an hour or less and everyone is trying to get to know each other as much as possible in It is an amazing year That can leave chapter leaders at a loss for ways to connect and engage … As college students, it’s hard to think about our future when we don’t even know the plan for the next day. Why should I join a sorority this semester? Typically, sorority recruitment at NC State is an in-person process that takes place over the span of roughly 5 days. It is not uncommon on day 2 or 3 of recruitment to have women who are not invited back to the virtual events for the sorority(ies) they wanted to be invited back to. The orientation session will include an overview of recruitment, mutual selection, virtual methods being utilized, and there When you thought about joining a sorority, you probably did not believe your formal recruitment experience was going to look like this. Good luck, everyone. And if you’re participating in virtual sorority rush instead of in-person, here’s our guide to what to wear for virtual sorority recruitment.) Plenty of major businesses conduct employee interviews all on-line, and there’s no reason this can’t become a staple part of a digital fraternity/sorority recruitment experience. FSL Virtual Orientation Due to COVID-19 and Orientation moving online, Fraternity & Sorority Life is providing opportunities for you to learn about our office, councils and chapters. Sorority recruitment goes virtual for fall semester September 8, 2020 Abby Smeltzer Campus , Greek Corner , News Recruitment counselors, known as Gamma Chis, pose for a picture on Sept. 2 as they prepare for the upcoming sorority recruitment. Formal recruitment is a process through which you meet and talk to members from each of the sororities, and each sorority gets a chance to tell potential new members about their organization. They're also outrageously valuable for your fraternity and sorority recruitment efforts. Today I’m going to share everything you need to know on how to dress for virtual sorority recruitment. Neither did any of the college campuses that are hosting these virtual fall recruitments. What is recruitment kickoff and when is it taking place? Why should I join a sorority this semester? Since recruitment is virtual this year, what will the sorority experience look like after recruitment? Like, totally free. Recruitment is a series of events over fours days, coordinated by the Panhellenic Council Recruitment Team, where the chapters get to know you, and … This depends on how each chapter plans to adapt, but William & Mary has advised student organizations to move what they can to a virtual … Photo courtesy of Margaret Seets. But when life gives you lemons, any resourceful sorority girl makes the best lemonade they can. No in-person recruitment activities will be held for the entire year, but the fraternity and sorority governing councils are each developing a virtual recruitment process. It is important for us to check in and engage with our brothers and sisters as we know I need ideas!! Sorority recruitment will begin with a virtual orientation on Aug. 17. when it becomes available. While local health ordinances enacted in response to the pandemic have put restrictions on both sorority and fraternity chapter houses at IU, there is a … That is … Find downloadable resources, tools, and guides for fraternity and sorority recruitment as well as links to some of our most important blog articles. Using this virtual first round recruitment format ensures that person-to-person contact is limited, keeping students and staff safe and reducing the risk of spread across campus. Recruitment Kickoff will be Sept. 1 and will be virtual this year. If you want a picture to show with your comment, go get a . Read on for some sorority rush outfits to copy yourself: Day 1: Casual but Not So Casual that As I started writing “virtual sorority recruitment 101”, I decided it might be most helpful to prepare you with practical, actionable steps you can do regardless of the recruitment format at your school. Pull up this slideshow for the voting process so that you can give members a quick snapshot of each PNM and remind them who each girl is. Each day is a different “round” of recruitment, where the sororities pick a different aspect of their chapter to The process of joining a fraternity or sorority is called "Recruitment" or "Membership Intake," and the process varies from council to council. Ayla Buy Photos A virtual Recruitment event hosted by Phi Mu. Many colleges have made the decision to go virtual with some of the rounds. Recruitment has such a focus on the decorations and showing off the best of each sorority in their rooms, however with it being virtual, all the focus will be on the conversation had between the PNMs and the current members. Information about times and the Zoom link can be found on the Panhellenic Association website and Instagram account when it becomes available. This sorority recruitment idea makes it especially easy for members to pull up slides and see information about PNMs as necessary. For the safety of everyone, sorority is switching to a virtual experience on many campuses. My university is doing 100% virtual recruitment and will most likely do virtual meetings, events, etc for all of fall semester. If you are interested in joining a sorority, we recommend that you participate in Sorority Primary Recruitment, as many chapters will reach their capacity during this process. two years ago, I was as lost as Cady during her first day of school in the US. Formal recruitment will take place this fall, and registration is currently open. The amount of time students had to decide whether to go through the recruitment process may help explain why IU’s recruitment numbers were largely unaffected.

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