In French, the title La Joconde has the same meaning. I was the only Lisa in all of my schools, which was great. A unique restaurant name is bound to give your food business an extra kick. Mona Lisa was a real Florentine woman, born and raised in Florence under the name of Lisa Gherardini. While food lovers will flock to your restaurant either way, you must make sure you have catchy names for an Italian restaurant so that you can entice customers into visiting your joint. See Liza for further details. MyTribe101 Ltd., Officepods, 15A Main St, Blackrock, Co. Dublin, A94 T8P8, Ireland. Lisa in italian pronunciations with meanings, synonyms, antonyms, translations, sentences and more. Last year it ranked 16,978th in the U.S. Social Security Administration list of most popular baby girl names. Simply choose a language then write in English, once you press SPACE or hit ENTER you will see the phonetics of what you wrote in the target language. The glossary explains the name-related terms. LOREDANA: This name was invented by the Italian author Luciano Zuccoli for the heroine of his novel L'amore de Loredana. Although often used, your sweet little Lisa, is sure to make it all her own. Lisa name meaning in Italian is Una breve forma di Elizabeth. This 2 syllable name has greatness and charm. 60 Catchy Names for an Italian Restaurant. In Italian, Monna means Madonna, which means 'My lady'. Here are the answers to CodyCross Italian name for the Mona Lisa: La __. After hiding the painting in his apartment for 2 years, authorities finally recovered the painting when Vincenzo tried to sell it to an art gallery in Firenze. Here you can find the Italian name day calendar Mona Lisa, La Gioconda from Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, was a real person. Italian name for the Mona Lisa: La __ Gioconda. She will always check in on you at just the right moments, and has a way of putting out all of your fires with a few thoughtful phrases of advice. A few facts about the girl's name Lisa: Records indicate that 962,299 girls in the United States have been named Lisa since 1880. Contextual translation of "my name is lisa marie" into Italian. Biblical name: The name first developed as a diminutive of Elisabeth. Lisa Lisa(リサリサ,Risa Risa), real name isElizabeth Joestar(エリザベス・ジョースター,Erizabesu Jōsutā), is a core ally in Battle Tendency. And we’re not talking about a self-portrait of the artist, as you may think. This name is mostly being used as a girls name. Ciao! One of the greatest paintings of Italian art is certainly La Gioconda, Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece.. Pack: Wine. While Peruggia was eventually forgotten, his daring heist only made the Mona Lisa … My name is Lisa and I used to hate my name when I was younger but now, at 17, I love it. That being the case, such names may have been changed to ones that bore no resemblance whatsoever to the original name. TIL The original name of the Mona Lisa was Monna Lisa, but a spelling mistake made it the Mona Lisa. As a preface: it should be recognized that ANY given name of a Sicilian or Italian immigrant (or any immigrant) to the U. S. or other English-speaking country may have been 'strange' to ears unaccustomed to it. 'Madonna' has became 'Mona' in the popular saying. The kind of advice that validates your feelings while still holding you accountable for your own actions. This page allows you to write your name in many languages. Looking for a great Italian restaurant name for your new business to impress potential customers? This is very helpful for making tattoos or if you want to know how your name looks like in a foreign language. Lia is the 283 ranked female name by popularity. The Mona Lisa (/ˌmoʊnə ˈliːsə/; Italian: Monna Lisa [ˈmɔnna ˈliːza] or La Gioconda [la dʒoˈkonda], French: La Joconde [la ʒɔkɔ̃d]) is a half-length portrait painting by the Italian Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci that has been described as "the best known, the most visited, the most written about, the most sung about, the most parodied work of art in the world". He later fought in the Italian army during World War I before returning to France, where he died in 1925. Lisa name meaning in Italian, popularity and rank stands at 1097 and lucky number for Lisa is 5. It is famous from the 16th-century painting Mona Lisa, a portrait of Lisa del Giocondo (1479-1542/1551) by Leonardo da Vinci. This list has hundreds of name ideas – funny, cool and unique – for all types of Italian dishes; fancy fine dining cuisine, casual neighborhood Italian food, pizzeria with logo ideas and examples designed by 99designs. Vincenzo Peruggia (8 October 1881 – 8 October 1925) was an Italian museum worker, artist, and thief, most famous for stealing the Mona Lisa on 21 August 1911. The Italian for My name is ... is Mi chiamo .... Find more Italian words at! Name days are celebrated in many European countries. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below. Lisa is a variant of Liza. Compare with another form of Lisa. At his death in 1525, Leonardo's assistant Salai owned the portrait named in his personal papers la Gioconda which had been bequeathed to him by the artist. Everyone calls me LEECE though, which I like even more. Some famous bearers of this name include: Lisa Bonet, and Lisa … Today it is in the Louvre in Paris, but it was produced in Florence when Leonardo moved there to live from about 1500-1508. Lisa meaning in Italian Lisa is a Christian Girl name and it is English originated name with multiple meanings. Example: Example: » about » help » contact » blog » on Facebook created and copyright optimaize 2006-2015 running on blueshoes Lisa Lisa is the wife of George Joestar IIand the mother of Joseph Joestar. In modern Italian, the short form of madonna is usually spelled Monna, so the title is sometimes Monna Lisa, rarely in English and more commonly in Romance languages such as French and Italian.