So you would benefit a lot from installing a few small electric heaters in your camper. The first models came out in the 50’s and since then the Airstream company has continued to push out new models. There are a lot of models to choose from. Our first travel trailer had a super tiny kitchen. Airstreams are already more expensive than most RVs and trailers. An Airstream is made from aluminum which tends to expand and contract based upon the weather conditions. You need to know exactly how much you can haul behind your vehicle. You can get dents from road debris, tree branches, and any number of things that might bump into your Airstream. You need to make sure you have enough space to entertain everybody on rainy days. With most campers, mounting things like solar panels and roof racks onto the roof is a fairly simple process. Let’s take a look at how quickly it will depreciate. Dents, leaking rivets, and holes all call for repair skills that the average DIYer simply does not have. These things and items are not covered by the 24-month warranty: As you can see it’s not a full-service warranty. Here you will be able to talk to the Airstream guys and learn a lot about the different models and extra features you can get with each model. If you’re looking for a camper to go off-roading in, you may want to look elsewhere. Coincidentally, I see more 2017 models for sale than any other model year on RV Trader right now. Interior repairs can be difficult for a few different reasons. This is simply the best thing that ever happened to our little family. That is a great development in my opinion. Some of the first models are around 30% lighter than today’s models are more and more features and geat is being added. I imagine they’d much rather see you buy a new Airstream rather than repair your old one. This makes this common problem a common benefit for some people. (Probably the #1 question we get). Airstream enthusiasts and anyone who finds your camper will stop to chat with you. For this reason, you’ll notice that people aren’t using their Airstreams to transport kayaks or to hold any large items on the roof. Prior to 1961, most if not all Airstreams were equipped with leaf spring axles. Even on the border to Canada! The trouble with an Airstream is that it can be harder to tell when a floor has begun to rot. A lot of people make a big mistake here when buying their first camper trailer. So it’s very important to make up your mind and really consider what else you could get for the same price. I had also been discussing my problems with other Airstreamers I had met on the road and I clearly hadn't been getting the Airstream experience I paid for. With other brands of trailers, leaks are inevitable before long. Its engineering is the culmination of over 80 years of experience plus millions of miles on roads throughout the world. Getting an Airstream is a big investment and they differ from other types of RVs on a lot of points. This is an amazingly high use rate for these older campers. We recommend visiting a camping trade fair, Kitchen appliances (refrigerator, stove, microwave). I love rivets so much that I bought myself a tool for applying rivets so that I could make DIY projects at the house with them. This type of corrosion is called filiform corrosion and the manufacturer is aware of this but you rarely hear anything about it. We started out with a tiny camper which would only fit two persons. You want to be able to accelerate your rig whenever you need to. Sign up for Airstream monthly newsletters full of new product reveals, model updates, videos, blogs, and more. Bambi, Argosy, Excella, Spokane, Interstate, Quicksilver and many more. I might be in the minority but I’m an introvert by nature. We would love to hear your thoughts! As we said a moment ago, Airstream rivets make it more prone to leaking. Unfortunately, rivets don’t last forever and they are much more difficult to replace than a screw or nail. That’s why Kate and Ellen have decided to open online courses through their website that delve into the processes of renovating an Airstream, which they hope to launch by New Year’s Day 2019. Either way, you should prepare to burn through a lot of propane. This classic Argosy has been fully restored with new flooring, insulation, water tanks, and more. Airstreams are great campers but they do have their problems. This is not a good way to do it. These Airstreams have one tank that both gray water and black water run into. 7. Price: The price of these things, new or used, is staggering. The special thing about the Airstream campers is the exterior look and finish. They have thousands of RVs you can rent locally all over the U.S. Otherwise, you might only be able to camp with your kids once or twice :-). And personally, I think the older vintage models are maybe even more charming. Seems the jack had rusted enough that it collapsed. Even though we have heard of several cases where the roof would be leaking almost immediately after the Airstream rolled out of the factory. So it’s probably not a bad idea to own one for a few years (unless you’re buying a brand-new model). The biggest reason I’d recommend an Airstream is their durability. Avoid adding a lot of extra equipment and features as the next owner might not appreciate the same features as you. Even brand-new models can have trouble with the aluminum case and it might start leaking much sooner than you would expect! our list with recommended products for RVers. This wouldn’t normally be a problem but remember you’ll be backing your Airstream in and out of campsites that may or may not have tree branches growing in and around them. It will be cheaper to just pay for the issues as they occur. One way to get around this issue would be to install an aftermarket solution. Before you buy an Airstream make sure you’re buying it because you think it will meet your needs and not because you think it looks cool. Some brave folks have mounted lightweight solar panels onto the roof but that is probably because their batteries are dying quicker than they should. Rivets look great on almost everything. (This sections should probably have been at the top but we assume you can afford one since you are researching on Airstreams.). And before you know it you can quickly end up with a 10-20% heavier RV that you thought. It will give you much more space inside the camper. Since we thought the trailer was in good original shape we had only planned on some minor updates. How big an Airstream can you (really) tow? Here you can do a search for your area and see what’s available. Note: If you like to camp up north you should prepare for power outtakes as well.