As a BDO-accredited merchant, you can provide your customers with wider credit card payment options. Please completely fill out the form using the prescribed format. I was able to link the card and use it for 3 months until last month where PayPal refuse to process my orders due to funding issues. “Benefit” programs – perks built into the cards by Visa or Mastercard before the issuing bank applies its conditions – differ slightly. BDO – Visa & MasterCard Debit Card. Credit Card; Debit Card; Prepaid (GCash) Prepaid (Smart Money, PayMaya) For this tutorial, Credit Card was selected. for a minimum amount of P4,000 using your BDO Visa Credit Card. .page-node-disneyonice .title_bluebanner h2 Jerica (10 April 2018 8:54 AM) How long does BDO credits funds from PayPal? [CDATA[/* >*/.