And if the Father and Son were one and the same Being, surely Jesus would not have distinguished Himself from the Father so often and so clearly. The day after feeding the multitude, Jesus declared Himself to be “the bread which cometh down from heaven” (see John 6:22–65), another similarity to the manna provided from heaven. The word Bethesda can be translated as “house of mercy” or “house of grace” (see Bible Dictionary, “Bethesda”). When John the Baptist bore witness that Jesus was the Christ, this should have been sufficient evidence for the religious leaders and the common people. 21 Then He said again to them, “I go away, and you shall seek Me, and shall die in your sin; where I am going, you cannot come.”. However, when men do not want to believe something, no amount of evidence is sufficient to convince them. I do not believe so, for then very few would be saved indeed—all because Jesus was so obscure in His teaching. Where the disciples were assembled: It was good that the disciples stayed together. The Savior’s lengthy reply to the Jewish elites who were opposing Him is recorded in John 5:17–47. Now upon the first day of the week, very early in the morning, they came unto the sepulchre, bringing … Since you're out of … These words provide insight and inspiration to all who sincerely seek to know and understand the truth about Jesus Christ. Perhaps one of the most striking similarities between the ministries of Moses and the Savior is the use of “I Am” statements. This metaphor aptly describes the gift of the Holy Ghost. 1. Then, when the praise and honor began to come, He humbly directed all adulation to the Father [see John 5:19; 14:10]” (“The Grandeur of God,” Ensign or Liahona, Nov. 2003, 70–71). Please Note: This product is purchased in bundles. Terms in this set (28) parenchyma. It justifies our finally being judged by the Redeemer. …. So they were unable to believe Jesus’ witness about Himself. Here we see the case of a man who had died, who had been buried for four days, and who had begun to stink. He was the only One who could do this, for that was the calling of the Messiah. 2nd Kings Chapter 23 – John Karmelich . The Savior’s promise that those who believed in Him would at some future time have “living water” within them reflected the fact that “the Holy Ghost was not yet given” (John 7:39). Some people heard the Savior’s teachings and believed that He was the Messiah. John Chapter 22 is Really Important (But God Won't Allow Us to Read It Yet) October 16, 2017 / Steven Kozar Here's Brian Simmons talking about being in the library of heaven and wanting to steal the book of "John Chapter 22:" You can view the recordings by clicking this banner. “Jesus Christ possessed merits that no other being could possibly have. So these words of John 20:23 are a promise that their new reception of the Holy Spirit, which had been to the Apostles alone, had given them the unique discernment to fathom men’s hearts and discern the genuineness of their repentance. Match. How could you use Peter’s response (see verses 68–69) to help someone who is struggling with a “hard saying” of the gospel? John 5:19–21, 23. He did something no one else could do. He was the Messiah, they reasoned, and must reign as their king” (Mortal Messiah, 2:367–68). As He taught near where the large golden candelabras stood during the feast, He declared, “I am the light of the world” (John 8:12). CHAPTER 20 *. He is perfect in every attribute, including love, compassion, patience, obedience, forgiveness, and humility. …. At the pool of Bethesda, the Savior healed a man who had “had an infirmity” for 38 years, and the man was immediately made whole. In John 7:17, the Savior gave us a formula to know the truth of His doctrine. “His brethren” mentioned in verse 3 are Jesus’s half-brothers. STUDY. How do these witnesses (and other modern witnesses) strengthen your testimony of the Savior’s divinity? Christ Holding Sacrament Bread, by Del Parson. Priests at the temple altar. The Savior’s words recorded in John 5:19–21, 23 emphasize the unity between the Father and the Son, teaching that the work of the Father is also the work of the Son. After the healing at the pool of Bethesda, the Jews sought to kill the Savior because the healing had occurred on the Sabbath (see John 5:10, 16, 18). Elder Neal A. Maxwell (1926–2004) of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles wrote about why people abandoned Jesus and why we must be willing to accept the hard doctrines of the gospel, even when they are unpopular with the world: “When Jesus first began to preach strong doctrines (the scriptures refer to these as ‘hard sayings’), many of those who followed Him ‘went back, and walked no more with him.’ (John 6:66.) that which is not of faith; Romans 14:23: "But the one who doubts is condemned if he eats because his eating is not of faith; for everything that is not of faith is sin." “‘Equal with God!’—not that he was then reigning in glory and exaltation over all the works which their hands had made, but in the sense that he was God’s Son, upon whom the Father had placed his own name and to whom he had given glory and honor and power” (The Mortal Messiah: From Bethlehem to Calvary, 4 vols. Elder James E. Talmage explained: “To eat the flesh and drink the blood of Christ was and is to believe in and accept Him as the literal Son of God and Savior of the world, and to obey His commandments. (10-16) Christ reproves the Jews. Those who are of the earth remain under the curse of the law that was imposed on Adam for his sin. 1. Men are either from below or from above. Said the Savior, ‘If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine’ [John 7:17]. 3:14). That is, our personal identity shifted from the mortal soul to the immortal spirit. View Chapter 23 HRs Enviromnet John Barry Kerri Woods.ppt from POLI 214 at Concordia University. Finding Philip, he … He pre-existed with the Father and provided the double witness as the Amen of God by which all creation was established in accordance with the Father’s nature and will (Rev. What does it mean to partake of the “bread of life”? Healing miracles are not wrought in any such manner” (Doctrinal New Testament Commentary, 3 vols. These are a revelation of the feast of tabernacles. Intimate in that the Savior felt each person’s pains, sufferings, and sicknesses. It was not an easy work, for it would require Him to die on the cross to pay the penalty that the law had imposed upon Adam and all men. So regardless of the will of the religious leaders who wanted to silence Him, they were unable to carry out their will at Tabernacles. The remedy is to “believe”—to claim by faith in Christ—a new identity, so that when the soul dies, one’s identity does not die with it. on (17-23) Christ's discourse. 53:4–5). …. Just as men were often identified according to their fathers, so also did Jesus identify Himself according to His own heavenly Father. To them, the promises of God were about ruling the world and having the gentiles serve them, feed them, and enrich them so that they could benefit from the labor of others. How might you increase this flow of “living water” into your life? The Pharisees were of the earth, and their claim to their status as “sons of God” was based on their biological descent from the first Adam and also from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. St. John Chapter 23. Instant downloads of all 1388 LitChart PDFs (including The Grapes of Wrath). Learn. The Son spoke what His Father taught Him. John recorded that some sought to “take him by force, to make him a king” (John 6:15).